White Rock & South Surrey's

Juice Cleanse Specialists

Juicing from the heart

Grind, Press & Bottle

At Wild Card Cold Pressed Juice Bar we believe in picking the freshest produce from our local merchants.  We then grind, press and bottle our juices without adding any artificial preservatives and without putting them through any High Pressure Processing techniques.  As well, by utilizing a hydraulic juice press no heat is generated during the juicing process.

This isn't a game of chance, in each bottle of our cold pressed juice you'll get the most pure vegetable and fruit juice full of vitamins, nutrients and enzymes.  

Ready to detoxify your body and reset your diet?  If you're ready to roll the dice and stack the deck on your health and wellness, then we've got the cleanses for you!

“I was always nervous about doing a juice cleanse, 

but I'm so glad I did.  It put me right on track

for a healthier lifestyle & it tasted amazing.  I feel great!”

** Cleanses & Juices delivered right to your door!**